Iryna Rubis



New York, New York

Mentored by:

Anjali Besley


CEO, Ekonomika+

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Iryna joined Ekonomika+ 12 years ago as a contributing editor. Two years in she was promoted to deputy chief editor of Marketing Media Review. In 2011, she took over as CEO of the firm, and in 2014 she made a management buyout of the business. 

Ekonomika+ aims to be the clearest business and sustainable services content provider for businesses in Eastern Europe. Through media, events and consultancy projects Ekonomika+ empowers stakeholders to move forward, make experiments and grow.

Iryna is a columnist at multiple online business media sites run by Ekonomika+. Iryna is also the creator of an online platform and community for working mothers. She has spoken at business events in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Belarus. In 2015, she was nominated for the Idea of the Future Award, and has twice been a recipient of the Best Marketing Team in Media Award.  

Iryna has an MBA in general management as well as a master’s degree in marketing. She is a graduate of the IE Business School in Spain and an alumna of the Swedish Management Institute.