Celia Duron




Mentored by:

Joyce Ventura


CEO, Inversiones Ecologicas Tegucigalpa

Celia Duron is CEO of Inversiones Ecologicas, a company that creates crafts, corporate gifts and other innovative green products from recycled paper and agricultural waste.

She has managed the design and manufacturing process of raw materials, production, quality control and customer service since 2010. With a background in biology, Celia has conducted environmental studies for the Honduran government and the European Community. Celia is a 2013 VV GROW Fellow.

2014 Updates:

After observing her fellow mentees' customer bases, Celia decided to target companies in order to increase her sales. She believes this is the best way for her business to grow. Her company was selected by TFO Canada to be part of a gift show in Toronto and Celia has been connecting with various potential clients.