Empowering Women Business Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean

Zoe Dean Smith, Senior Director Global Programs

Now in its third year, the Global Ambassadors Program heads to Mexico City on March 4 for a five-day mentoring forum focused on furthering the economic empowerment of women business leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Zoë Dean-Smith

Select Global Ambassadors and mentees from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the U.S. will pair up for intensive one-on-one mentoring sessions and strategic planning workshops focused on building business and organizational acumen. This trip will feature a Global Mentoring Walk sponsored by our partner Bank of America to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 with hundreds of local businesswomen and younger professionals.

Women’s increased labor force participation in Latin America and the Caribbean region has contributed to a decline in poverty in the last decade, according to a recent World Bank study. To advance women’s roles in the region’s continued economic development, our Global Ambassadors Program mentees will work with mentors (Global Ambassadors) during the week to improve leadership skills, overcome obstacles and map out achievable strategic goals.

The mentees participating in this program represent a diverse cross-section of both for-profit and social enterprise initiatives which include recycled paper and agricultural products, jewelry, business training for micro-entrepreneurs, food processing, and a free online educational platform. In each case, these extraordinary women leaders are committed to financial sustainability, business/organizational growth, leadership development and succession planning while focused on the positive outcomes for their broader communities.

What I look forward to most is the lively and energetic discussion among these social and business leaders throughout the week as they strategize on how to take their enterprises to the next level while paying it forward to the next generation. 

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