Paris – Day 2: A Conversation with Christina and Agnieszka

Mentee Christina Limbird is an educational psychologist and the co-founder of Linden Global Learning Support, an international student support agency based in Berlin. On the side, she runs Girls Gearing Up, Europe’s only international girls’ leadership program. Christina is paired this week with Global Ambassador Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska of Poland.


I’m impressed by the energy of the Global Ambassadors and mentees, and learning about their stories. Most of the mentees’ businesses are built around social needs. They are responsible businesses that tackle important issues. Helping people through business and how that helps society are the most impressive parts of the program.


My biggest challenge is financial and strategic planning for my business. I am an expert in my field, I have an amazing team and a lot of things are going well. But when it comes to actually planning for the future and understanding the finances of my business I have some big gaps. Agnieszka is helping me brick for brick, stone for stone, to fill in some of the gaps in my understanding.


Christina Limbird (left) and Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska (right)

I must admit I’m learning a lot from the trainers, and from Christina, on how you navigate startups. I like doing deep dives. I like going from the little numbers and then trying to leverage the knowledge for a big picture overview. I love the quote from Yvonne (financial trainer) today, “It’s very irresponsible not to know your numbers.”


One of the things we tell the girls in my girls’ leadership camp is you have to see it to be it. That’s why we put role models in front of teenage girls, and I’m realizing this week that I have not been able to see many people in similar positions to me, but who are five or ten years ahead of me. Here, I can see those women and I see what’s possible. I can see myself in others and it’s been really important for me this week.


The diversity is great here. People with different backgrounds, different experiences and different expectations, even. It’s beautiful. It’s important to know you are not alone.

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Photography: David Hume Kennerly