Global Ambassadors Paris participants, staff and trainers outside the Louvre in Paris, France

Zoë Dean-Smith, Vital Voices' vice president, Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, welcomes participants to Paris at the start of the program

The Global Ambassadors Program cohort at the beginning of an intense week of training, leadership development and mentoring

Global Ambassador Elizabeth Buchanan

Mentee Jean Hwang Carrant

Mentee Jacqueline NGO MPII

Mentee Mairead Mackle

Participants getting to know one another early in the week

Mairead Mackle and Julie Kinch

Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska and Christina Limbird

Deniz Alexandra Duygu and Elizabeth Buchanan

Yvonne Ike and Katharina Paoli

Val Quinn and Andrea Bury

Idil Türkmenoğlu and Karine Jackson

Jean Hwang Carrant and Saba Nazar

Norah Casey and Aida Axelsson-Bakri

Jeannie Diefenderfer and Silvia de Vaan

Andrea Sullivan and Erëza Vela

Nina Easton and Jacqueline NGO MPII

Erëza Vela shares an image with "role model" Global Ambassador Andrea Sullivan at the group discussion on the last day

Karine Jackson with her mentor Idil Türkmenoğlu having a laugh during pairs' presentations

Jacqueline NGO MPII and Nina Easton present their work at the end of the week

Storytelling trainer Aaron Kisner holds up Katharina's origin illustration and guides discussion on the importance of story to bring businesses to life

Vital Voices President, CEO and Founder Alyse Nelson presents the Vital Voices Leadership Model

Au revoir, belle Paris!




The Global Ambassadors Program was held in Paris, France, November 11-15, 2019, to address the ongoing needs and challenges facing women leaders engaged in the private sector and social enterprise throughout Europe. It underscored the critical function that women can and must play in moving local economies forward and highlighted the role of women as drivers of innovation and socio-economic growth. Read about their particular challenges and solutions worked on throughout the week here.  

Photography: David Hume Kennerly