Yari Rivas

Puerto Rico


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mentored by:

Elise Labott


Vice-President and Co-Founder, Alterna Communications

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Yari Rivas is a storyteller and communicator who always points to the relevant stories. From her days in college, she dreamed of creating an alternative media agency. That was the beginning of Alterna Communications, an integrated media services agency that she founded with her husband, Angel Hoyos, in 2009.

Long before the era of social networks and start-ups, Yari and Angel visualized the future of communications and had the opportunity to grow their business providing effective, innovative and accessible integrated communication services with excellent results for their clients. After Hurricane Maria passed through the new headquarters of Alterna, they demonstrated their capacity to recover by going through the process of relaunching their brand in a new and innovative office space in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 10th anniversary of Alterna Communications.
Before becoming an entrepreneur, Yari was a journalist and producer for 15 years and earned a master's degree in Mass Communications from the International University of Florida. She loves living in the Caribbean and resides in the mountains of Puerto Rico with her family.