Puerto Rico – Day 1

The Global Ambassadors Program in Puerto Rico is off and running here in San Juan, as our 10 mentors and 10 mentees are getting acquainted and settled in for five days of intense learning, sharing and connecting. Throughout the week they will be diving deep into business and strategic planning, financial management and communications training designed to build their skills and leadership necessary for growth.

Today’s introductions and reflections on personal and professional goals were a great way to start. After hearing each of the mentees’ opening presentations, there is no doubt GAP can provide a much-needed boost to our mentees’ businesses – getting back on track after Hurricane Maria and positioned to thrive.

We’re excited to see what the week will hold for mentee Yari Rivas, vice-president and co-founder of Alterna Communications. She is paired with Global Ambassador Elise Labott, a global affairs journalist formerly with CNN. A few weeks before the hurricane, Yari had moved in to new office space. When it hit, she and her partner found themselves accidental emergency responders, chasing cell signals in order to provide critical communications for the rescue effort.

Elise Labott and Yari Rivas

Over time, Yari had to pick up the pieces of her business and starting over offered the chance to make changes. She and Elise have begun to identify key areas of focus as they prepare to work together.

“It’s day one and I’m already beyond inspired by Yari and all of the incredible women I have met,” said Elise. “I’m so excited for the rest of the week.”

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Photography: David Hume Kennerly

Top: Mariangie Rosas, Paulina Salach, Christine Channels and Maria Gabriela Velasco Corrado