Shafia Shama



Chicago, Illinois

Mentored by:

Sylvia Sanchez


Owner, M/S Shama

Shafia owns M/S Shama, a boutique specializing in jute products and she is committed to building a sustainable business model. She was a member of the Bangladesh Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BWCCI) Board of Directors and served as the founding secretary general and Bangladesh country head of IamSMEofBangladesh.  

Shafia also worked with Care Bangladesh to provide training to rural workers on product development with the aim of providing cross-generational income stability. She is a founding director of Switch to Jute, a jute consortium, and is also the managing director of Vincent Global Privet Limited.  

Shafia has been mentoring, advocating for, supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs by providing help with ideas, engagement, institutional finance, risk management, and funding best practices. 

Shafia has earned numerous recognitions for her work, including “Best Young Designer” from A1Tele Media; the “Star Client Green Award for Women Entrepreneur of the Year,” jointly awarded by Southeast Bank and The Financial Express in 2014; and the "Entrepreneur Award" from the Bangladesh Open Source Network. In 2015, she was nominated as a mentor by the World Islamic Economic Forum in partnership with the Business Network in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2016, Shafia was named "Most Influential Global Marketing Leader" by World Marketing Congress.  

Mentored by:

Sylvia Sanchez


Trip: Chicago, Illinois