Ruba AbdelHadi

United States of America


New York, New York


Amanda Hearst


Executive Leader in Digital Transformation | Change Management Strategist | Champion for Global Women's Empowerment and Leadership

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Ruba Abdelhadi is a distinguished senior professional, deftly navigating the landscape of the digital revolution through her transformative expertise. Her career has matured over twenty years, during which she has cultivated mastery in change management, communications, and marketing. Ruba is on the leading edge of industry disruption, leveraging digital platforms to foster innovation, engage significant stakeholders, and drive far-reaching change.

Possessing strategic insight and dynamic leadership, Ruba Abdelhadi is recognized for her exceptional capacity to inspire, involve, and educate, ensuring sustained success in a digital-centric era. Her professional endeavors span across a variety of sectors—public, private, and non-profit, leaving a profound imprint on industries such as banking, telecommunications, media, and technology. Her dynamic leadership style has been instrumental in prestigious institutions like the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), making crucial contributions in the Middle East, Gulf, and the United States. Currently residing in the United States, Ruba continues to exert influence, drawing from her extensive international experience and thorough understanding of digital transformation.

With finely-honed skills in change management, communications, and marketing, Ruba catalyzes change through a unique blend of strategic foresight, transformative leadership, and a profound understanding of digital platforms. Her achievements bear witness to her talent for rallying stakeholders, igniting innovation, driving substantial change, revolutionizing traditional business models, and setting new success benchmarks in the digital era.

In addition to committing her time to community volunteer work, Ruba Abdelhadi also serves as a powerful advocate for women's empowerment. She plays a critical role in two leading initiatives with Vital Voices/ Global Partnership: the Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) and the Fortune/ Global Women's Mentoring Partnership with the U.S. Department of State. Ruba proactively supports female entrepreneurs and business owners through these powerful platforms, propelling women's leadership and economic empowerment to unprecedented levels.

Ruba's visionary leadership saw her break new ground at the age of 27 when she became the first woman to lead one of the largest banks in the Middle East and the Gulf region. This extraordinary achievement shattered gender barriers and serves as a shining example for women in the Arab world, demonstrating what can be accomplished through tenacity and perseverance.

Ruba's exceptional talent and steadfast dedication position her as a trailblazer for female representation in the corporate world, leaving a strong and influential legacy. Her transformative impact continues to empower women on a global scale, amplifying their voices and forging a path for future generations of female leaders.

In summary, Ruba Abdelhadi epitomizes inspirational and strategic leadership, leveraging her unparalleled expertise to adeptly navigate the intricate and rapid-paced digital landscape. Her deep understanding of our interconnected world makes her a critical resource for driving progress and success in our constantly evolving global environment.