María Laura García



New York, New York

Mentored by:

Lorie D. Jackson


President and Founder, GlobalNews Group

Connect with María Laura García

María Laura García is president and founder of GlobalNews® Group, an organization created to provide services such as digital clipping, corporate intelligence, media evaluation, and information for multi market activity. Founded in 1998, GlobalNews® Group has become the premier source of media monitoring in Latin-America. 

GlobalNews® Group has received multiple awards and commendations, including the Eikon 2004 Communications Award, and has twice won the International Members’ Award and Silver Award in Multi Market Activity. 

María Laura also holds leadership positions outside of GlobalNews® Group, serving as the vice president of the Federation Internationale Des Bureaux D’Extraits De Presse. In 2017, María Laura was invited to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, and in 2018 the Indian government invited her to participate in IndiaSoft. 

Before founding GlobalNews® Group, María Laura worked as a press advisor for several large governmental organizations. She has also worked as a media analyst and foreign press coordinator, and as a journalist for various radio, magazine, and news sources. 

María Laura has lectured at conferences and seminars throughout Latin America, and has taught communications at El Salvador University in Argentina. She has contributed to two books on media and is working on a novel about migration and culture from a woman's perspective. María speaks several languages.