Mairead Mackle



Paris, France

Mentored by:

Julie Kinch


Founder and CEO, Homecare and Healthcare Services Ireland LTD

Mairead Mackle is a values-based, award winning entrepreneur who owns and operates a diverse suite of progressive businesses across several industries including care, support, housing solutions, renewables, and construction. As founder and CEO of HCIL Ireland, she has a dynamic team of passionate professionals delivering care at home to clients across the country.

With a proven track record and a robust reputation for being an employer of choice, Mairead’s vision for HCIL Ireland is to use its expertise and experience to grow and diversify the offering and impact by creating holistic solutions that address prevalent social issues including the homelessness epidemic in Ireland and healthy aging. Dedicated to generating solutions for homelessness in Ireland, she recently founded FABRACO, a design-led construction company that creates Portable Space Solutions (PSS) for comfortable temporary and permanent accommodation.

A loving mother to seven children, Mairead is a strong supporter of equality, diversity, women in business and CSR, and is on the board of Women in Business Northern Ireland (WIBNI) and Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). In 2010, Mairead founded iCare Charity, which is designed to improve the lives of others through simple acts of kindness called “iCare Wishes.” With passion, she also launched EVOLVE Women’s Network in 2018 to promote and encourage strong female leadership across society. Her desire is to inspire and support women to achieve greater success in life on a personal or professional level.