Katharina Paoli



Paris, France

Mentored by:

Yvonne Ike


Founder & CEO, Nudgd

Katharina is a Swedish entrepreneur, public speaker, communications specialist, and a true change-maker with a passion for sustainable business and sustainable lifestyle. She is the founder and CEO of Nudgd and the initiator of Nudging Sweden. Her company works with corporations, municipalities, and governmental agencies to get action and measurable results on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in areas of energy efficiency, food choices, waste management, water, sanitation, equality, littering and health.

Through ‘nudging,’ a method that combines behavioral science, psychology and design, Katharina and her team provide hands on evidence-based solutions that make sustainable choices easy, and deliver measurable results for a resource-efficient sustainable future.

Katharina has a background in communications strategy with a focus on CSR and sustainability, and is one of Europe’s most well-known nudging experts. She is also a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a global network of leaders committed to addressing the climate crisis established by Al Gore, where she was trained in public speaking and climate leadership.

Katharina also serves as a mentor for Singularity University’s Global Startup Program and as an advisor for several Clean Tech startups including Ljusgårda Vertical Farming and VRexicon-the Global Virtual Reality SDG Education Library.