Jean Hwang Carrant



Paris, France

Mentored by:

Saba Nazar


Founder, JHC Cookies

Jean Hwang Carrant is a Taiwanese-American creator of cookies in Paris, France, and the author of “Cookie Love,” recently published in French and English. She founded the company JHC Cookies and owns a cookie boutique in the heart of Paris – the Sentier, a buzzing, trendy neighborhood in the second arrondissement.

Jean’s cookies are a creative tri-culturalism mixture of American classic, French touch, and Asian influence, representing her background. Her cookies have been recognized by many magazines and newspapers, the highest accolade coming from world-renowned pastry master Pierre Hermé, who praised her cookies as “perfect” and the “best cookies” he had ever eaten.

Jean continues to bake fresh, organic cookies each morning with great love and passion. She also works with other businesses and supplies restaurants and offices around Paris. Her goal is to expand the business to other cities around the world.