Isabel Rullán

Puerto Rico


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mentored by:

Robin Leeds


Executive Director, ConPRmetidos

Isabel Rullán is a Puerto Rican social innovator, co-founder and executive director of ConPRmetidos (, a nonprofit organization in San Juan whosemission is to create a stable, productive and self-sufficient Puerto Rico. It does this by identifying innovative and sustainable solutions to community challenges, leveraging talent and networks at home and abroad, and convening strategic partnerships in support of its work. Since Hurricanes Irma and María devastated Puerto Rico, Isabel and her team have raised over four million dollars for ConPRmetidos programs to assist vulnerable communities throughout the country.

In 2016, Isabel was the first ever Puerto Rican woman selected as a Rockefeller Foundation Global Social Innovation Fellow. In 2018, under Isabel's leadership, ConPRmetidos was selected to participate in the Marriott International #LoveTravelsBeyondBarriers Social Innovation Investment Program. She has been invited to speak about social change in Puerto Rico at Harvard, MIT, Hunter College, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, the ANIMUS Women’s Leaders Conference in Puerto Rico, and more. 
Isabel studied at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez and at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, where she graduated with a BS in business management. She held internships in the public and private sectors, working for the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Office in Washington D.C., and as special assistant to the U.S. Ambassador in El Salvador. She was also a production manager for the documentary Mala Mala, a film about the challenges facing the transgender community in Puerto Rico.