Grace Foster-Reid




Mentored by:

Gema Moreno Vega


Managing Director, ECOFARMS Jamaica Mandeville

Grace owns and manages a Jamaican honey company, ECOFARMS, which produces Buzz Honey Wine & HoneyStix. With a vision to employ 100 people and a budget for one full-time and seven part-time staff, Grace is also the accountant, chief beekeeper, master blender and research and development officer.

An engineer trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Grace also serves as a project manager for the National Water Commission's multimillion-dollar infrastructure project. Grace is a 2013 VV GROW Fellow.

2014 Updates:

Since participating in the Global Ambassadors Program, Grace has improved her time management and is delegating more. She is focusing on business management, strategic planning and visioning. On top of this Grace has credited her mentor, Gema Moreno, with helping her reassess her financials based on market demand, and EcoFarms has experienced increased sales and profits each quarter since the program took place.