Eman El Garhi




Mentored by:

Manal Yaish Zraiq


Unitak For Investment in Realestate and Tourism s.a.e

Connect with Eman El Garhi

Eman co-founded Unitak For Touristic Investment and Real Estate with her family in 1997, a company which built and manages the Logaina Sharm Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

She graduated from the John Cabot University in Rome with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is currently a board member of Businesswomen of Egypt 21.

2014 Update:

Eman has made tremendous strides in her business since her participation in the Global Ambassadors Program. Taking the advice of her mentor, Manal, as well as the rest of the GAP Qatar cohort, Eman has started outsourcing many activities, thereby significantly cutting costs. She has also started to explore new markets in order to expand her customer base. Due to political unrest in Egypt, she has had difficulties attracting tourists to her hotel. Taking advantage of the unused space, she has started offering a conference package. She has also sought the help of online booking agencies in order to ameliorate the tourism troubles. Eman has credited her time in the Global Ambassadors Program, as well as her relationship with her mentor, for much of her recent success.