Manal Yaish Zraiq





Eman El Garhi


Partner & General Director, Massar International

Manal Zraiq is responsible for the management of the day-to-day business of Massar International and oversees the financial operations and project implementation.

With more than a decade of executive experience, her wide range of specialized skills include finance, business operations, logistical planning, human resource recruitment and management, accounting and operational management. She managed multi-million dollar projects financed by international donors such as USAID, EU and the World Bank. Manal serves as the president of the Palestinian Women Forum, an association for Palestinian women entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Manal is on a mission to show Palestinian girls and young women what is possible with inner inertia and persistence, despite the odds against women in Occupied Palestine. Manal is a partner and general director of Massar International, a successful Holdings Company, leading the development of Palestine’s first Planned City. Manal is also responsible for establishing the Business Women’s Forum, and sits on several Boards, contributing to numerous social programs.

Manal and her mentee Eman El Garhi at the Global Ambassadors program in Qatar.