Denise Abulafia




Mentored by:

Sandra Slavkis


Founder and CEO, Educatina Buenos Aires

Denise Abulafia is the founder and CEO of Educatina, an online educational platform serving Latin America.

Her background in biochemistry and neuroscience led her to Mexico for five years where she was an associate professor of proteomics at the University of Anahuac School of Medicine. Denise found her entrepreneurial start at Pharma Educational Services, a medical education consultancy. Her research papers have been published in leading journals and she has developed educational content in digital formats.

2014 Updates:

Since Denise's participation in the Global Ambassadors Program, Educatina has developed a host of  innovative products and services to help governments, corporations and private schools and universities democratize access to a world-class education through their microsites. They have already sold their services to several Ministries of Education, including those of Colombia, Peru and Argentina, as well as to some corporations and universities with very good initial impact results. The microsites are educational platforms that are customized for their clients. Educatina´s community is growing very fast with more than 6 million added users per month and more than 4,000 online tutoring sessions per month. Moreover, their team has doubled in size and they are working out of a new office.