Ayat Ata-Allah




Mentored by:

Laura Whitley


Founder, Takween

Ayat envisioned creating an environmentally friendly product to reduce the carbon footprint in Palestine.

In 2012, her studies and work culminated in a patent for a new thermal insulation material, Paper-Plastic Insulation Boards. Currently Ayat’s composting business, Takween, is unique to the Palestinian market and offers homes and farmers natural, organic and environmentally effective fertilizer to aid in reducing pollution.


2014 Update:

Since her participation in the Global Ambassadors Program, Ayat has started a new job as a Project Coordinator at her university. This is allowing her to support her work with Takween. She has also started to rent her agricultural equipment, in order to defray the cost of the loan she took out to pay for it. Ayat has stated that her time in the Global Ambassadors Program empowered her to take control of her business, and her mentor, Laura Whitley, has provided invaluable advice.