Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska



Paris, France


Christina Limbird


Board Member, mBank

Agnieszka is a shareholder, stakeholder activist and independent non-executive director of many international conglomerates. Her role on boards focuses on governance, strategy development and restructuring, risk management, digital transformation, financial performance, and executive remuneration policy and scheme. She has a strong professional interest in environmental, social and governance policies, as well as in technology and knowledge-based industries, including waste management, fintech, and longevity entrepreneurship.

Agnieszka is a member of the Board of Directors at mBank (Commerzbank Group), Budimex (Ferrovial Group) and is an audit committee member of the World Food Programme. She has previously served as deputy chairperson of the technology company Trans EU; as a board member of Bank BPH; as deputy chairperson of Bumar, the largest defense company in Poland; and as a director in the industrial development agency responsible for defense and aviation. She was also a consultant at Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting.

Agnieszka holds an M.S. in finance and banking, an M.B.A., a Ph.D. in economics, and is a professor of corporate finance. She was recognized as Personality of Corporate Governance 2019 in Poland, and is a member of the Polish Boards Expert Forum. She has been awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship and the Polish-American Fulbright Fellowship. Agnieszka has also been a visiting scholar at various universities all around the world.