Los Angeles – Day 4 – Q & A with Gizella Greene

Gizella Greene is general manager and co-founder of SuperFoods Ecuador. We set her up with former IBM executive Marilyn Johnson, founder of MarilynJSpeaks, based in Washington, D.C.

Gizella Greene (left) with Marilyn Johnson (right)

How did you learn about GAP and what prompted you to apply?

Since we opened our doors, I’ve been working with women from small communities and companies that produce healthy products for my store. I’m also working with 11 empowered women in SuperFoods Ecuador. So each day I’m more interested to understand how women are finding their voices, and how they lead their companies while they have a lot of other obligations like educating their children or helping their communities. So I started researching women’s movements and foundations that help women fulfill their dreams. That’s how I found Vital Voices and this wonderful program.

What’s been the most useful thing you’ve learned so far?

I’ve discovered this week a lot of things about me that I didn’t know and that I have to work to take my company to the next level. One of those things is public speaking, the importance of networking and working on your personal brand. I realize that if I want people to be part of this dream they have to be able to find me, to meet me, and to know how they can help fulfill the goals of my social enterprise.

What is it like to work with Marilyn? What one strength does she bring to your work?

Marilyn is wonderful!!! She is someone to look up to. She has done so many things in her life; helped so many women, and achieved so many personal and corporate goals, that having her by my side helping me reach my own goals is really a privilege. I also think that I’ve made a friend for life, and I’m really happy for it.

I’ve learned so many things during this week. I’m going home with a suitcase full of tools and ideas ready to implement, but what I’m more excited about is having had the chance to meet all these marvelous and strong women, being part of Vital Voices and knowing that from now on I have a commitment and mission in my life that is helping women around the world.

Gizella (second row, second from right) with GAP LA participants

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Photography: David Hume Kennerly