Zeynep Harezi




Mentored by:

Jennifer Boussuge


Business development director, Karpowership

Zeynep leads the business development, marketing and contract management functions at Karpowership. The organization owns and operates more than 1,800 megawatts of installed capacity globally, supplying 15 percent of Iraq’s and 27 percent of Lebanon’s total electricity generation, in addition to its contracts in Ghana and Indonesia.

Zeynep initiated the “Powership Project” in 2010 while she was regional director, Middle East, at Karpowership. Currently she aims to expand innovative energy solutions through Powerships, a separate energy fleet, with construction of an additional 5,900 MW capacity.

Zeynep has attended a number of conferences and expos, including Turkey’s Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Shifting Alliances and Strategic Diversification by Chatham House, the African Energy Forum 2014, and the Power of Africa Summit, through which she developed a corporate social responsibility perspective for the improvement of education in Africa and Turkey.

Zeynep holds Bachelor of Science degrees in economics and philosophy from Hamilton College and received her Master of Science degree in management from the London School of Economics.