Yemy Smeke Zonana




Mentored by:

K. Shelly Porges


General Manager, Fundacion ProEmpleo Productivo, A.C.

Yemy S. Zonana is general manager of Fundacion ProEmpleo, a regional organization serving entrepreneurs seeking business training and consultancy for new microenterprises.

In recognition of her leadership in promoting entrepreneurship in Mexico, Yemy received the Ibero Award for Social Leadership in 2012 from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Through Radio Formula, she participates in one of the most popular weekly Mexican radio news programs.

2014 Updates:

The greatest challenge Yemy was experiencing during her time as a mentee in the Global Ambassadors Program was finding a way to remove herself from Proempleo so that she could focus on other projects. However,  with the support of her mentor, Shelly Porges, Yemy has developed a transition plan, hiring a replacement who will take over her responsibilities in March 2015.