Yanina Faour




Mentored by:

María Fernanda Villamarin


Jewelry Designer and Owner, Oleana

Yanina Faour is an artistic jewelry designer and fourth generation jeweler. She creates intimate pieces inspired by the fine arts and architecture of Buenos Aires. Her collections, handcrafted locally, are made of exquisite fine sculptural jewelry.

Yanina uses Art Deco and Art Nouveau as inspiration. In 2003 she created her boutique, Oleana, which Guerlain selected as a reference for its brand in Argentina. She has shown her work internationally in Workshop Fashion Agency, during Paris fashion week and in the Tokyo “Rooms” Show. 

2014 Updates:

Through connections made at the Global Ambassadors Program, Yanina has had two trunk shows- one in New York, hosted by Karen Fang; and one in Mexico City hosted by Lupita Castañeda. Yanina found a representative for Oleana in Mexico and has been recruiting new clientele.