Wendy K. White Eagle

United States of America


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Ana Yris Guzmán


President and Chair of the Board, Native Capital Investment, Inc.

Connect with Wendy K. White Eagle

Wendy K. White Eagle currently leads business development and fund management activities at Native Capital. As a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, she has first-hand knowledge of tribal operations, from strategic planning to business development.

With more than 25 years of business building experience in the utility, financial and manufacturing sectors, her specialization is in helping companies build high performing processes to actualize business impact. Wendy is skilled at integrating various strategic approaches – from Six Sigma to Customer Relationship Management – into organizational culture. She has been intimately involved in the creation of organizational approaches that augment capital infusion and has served to bring core competencies into alignment with these strategy directions. 
In addition to her extensive corporate experience, she has been involved in circles of worldwide thought leadership in sustainable business and mindful development. Wendy graduated from Edgewood College with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications and has completed graduate work at the Center for Quality and Productivity, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has also served on many boards of directors with her most recent volunteer activity in the area of metric impact reporting in the non-profit sector.