Victoria Butsich




Mentored by:

Anna Colton


Director, ITMINE

Victoria is the Director of the Education Center, ITMINE, which provides exclusive education in Information Technology in Belarus and Russia.  ITMINE is part of a larger family business, owned together with her husband, which includes a user experience and business analysis consulting company and a programming company.

Victoria’s professional path started more than ten years ago, but the real start of her career happened in 2006, when Victoria was hired by one of the most famous security companies in the world – Check Point Technologies LTD.  In three years, she grew from Junior Quality Assurance Engineer to Group Manager, where she managed the entire Quality Assurance Department in the Minsk office of the company, and was one of the youngest managers of that level in the entire company.

After working at Check Point Technologies, Victoria moved to the newly opened BitTorrent office in Minsk, and started working as a Product Manager. A couple of months later, she entered an EMBA program. After several months, she decided to switch from product management to people management, and started working at EPAM Systems as an Operations Manager. She left EPAM after one year to start her own business. 

Her main interests include professional development and personal growth, which is why ITMINE’s philosophy is to help its students to grow both professionally and personally. Victoria follows modern coaching techniques in people management, and studied ICC methodology.  She believes that people whose professions require creativity and/or high intellectual potential work effectively only if they have inner motivation to achieve their personal goals and desires in life.  She believes that employees should share the core values of their employers.

Victoria received her EMBA degree from Kozminski University, Poland. She currently lives in Minsk, Belarus.