Val Quinn



Paris, France


Andrea Bury


Global Consumer Director, The Coca-Cola Company

Val is global customer director at Coca-Cola Ireland, where she has worked since 2004, based out of Dublin. She began as retail marketing director and was promoted to managing director in 2007. She managed and grew the Coca-Cola Irish’s business for nearly four years before taking on the challenge of her current role in 2011. Val managed the firm’s global foodservice partnership for three years with Compass PLC, ensuring year on year growth delivery. Her remit then changed to manage the petrol convenience channel internationally.

Since Oct 2014, she has partnered with customers such as Shell International. With Shell, Val continues to drive the non-alcoholic beverages category, and works on a broad range of holistic initiatives such as hydration, digital campaigns and helping to shape the lifestyle choices global strategy with Shell. Under her management, the Coca-Cola Company developed a strong partnership with Shell. The company has been awarded numerous awards over the years, and was recently recognized as Shell Supplier of the Year.

Val’s background, after completing her BComm and MBS first class honors degree in 1990, was in sales with RHM and CPC/Unilever in the UK. She returned to Ireland in 1994 and worked for R&A Bailey (now part of Diageo) for three years as an international marketing projects manager. She joined Mars/Masterfoods Ireland in 1997 and had various marketing roles there for seven years.