Tinatin Rukhadze




Mentored by:

Amel Bouchamaoui Hammami


General director, Analysis & Consulting Team (ACT)

Tinatin is the general director of Analysis & Consulting Team (ACT), a leading public opinion research and strategic consulting company based in Georgia. She co-founded and served as the CEO of the company in 2002.

Under her management, ACT became Georgia’s largest research and consulting company and has successfully expanded its services to the rest of the Caucasus region. Today, the company operates in more than 10 countries from its offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

In addition to managing her business, Tinatin has been involved in educational work since 2007. She holds lectures in various institutions, including the International School of Business, Free University and the Caucasus School of Business. She is also a professional coach and the co-founder of “Growin,” the first coaching company in Georgia. In 2014, Tinatin decided to become actively engaged in public life and co-founded the business association Women for Tomorrow where she serves as the chairwoman.