Teyra Ehlers Bilgray



Los Angeles, California

Mentored by:

Dr. Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson


Founder and President, Administra PTY

Teyra Ehlers Bilgray is a lawyer, founder and president of Administra PTY, a company that provides horizontal property management and consultancy services in Panama. Administra PTY works with homeowner’s associations (HOAs), building lasting relationships with the HOA boards of directors. Administra PTY has a network of trusted service providers to respond quickly to any client’s need. 

Administra PTY’s social responsibility program is ͞Creando Valor͟(Creating Value) which promotes a culture of coexistence and strengthens community values through education and social responsibility. Better educated homeowners and residents leads to the development of better communities and increases the value of the properties. 

Administra PTY currently employs 23 women, offers a scholarship aid program for staff members and has a support network to allow personnel attend medical and school appointments during work hours without salary deductions. Administra PTY is a Connect Americas verified company.  Teyra holds a bachelor’s degree in law and political science and an executive master’s degree in business management, both from Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua. Her postgraduate degree in mediation is from Universidad Nacional de Panamá. She is a mentor with Voces Vitales Panama and a 2016 Vital Voices VV GROW fellow. 


Mentored by:

Dr. Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson

United States of America

Trip: Los Angeles, California