Tamiko Hayashi




Mentored by:

Tamao Sasada


Founder and CEO, Wtree Inc. and NPO Social Concierge

Connect with Tamiko Hayashi

Tamiko Hayashi founded the non-profit organization Social Concierge in 2007 to promote a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Social Concierge produces creative and editorial publications, as well as many events and workshops, including organic cooking seminars and green lifestyle workshops.

In 2008, Tamiko founded Wtree Inc., an ethical fashion business. Wtree also offers ethical branding, marketing and public relations to a variety of clients.

Tamiko’s previously was a public relations specialist for several European luxury fashion brands. She also co-founded an ethnical knit collection, SHOKAY for TOHOKU, which offers skills training to senior female victims of the Tohoku tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Tamiko contributed to or created a number of blogs and publications, including DGBH (DoGood, BeHappy!), Vogue Japan, Dress, and Environmental Newspaper.