Tamae Takatsu




Mentored by:

Abigail Friedman


President, Fukuichi Co., Ltd.

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Tamae Takatsu founded Fukuichi Co., Ltd. in 2006 with a determination to make fair trade products grow in popularity and demand. Fukuichi is dedicated to selling fair trade products in a variety of commercial facilities.

Tamae utilized her expertise in the fields of market research, public relations and product development to successfully market products based on quality and aesthetics and significantly increase the visibility of fair trade products in Japan.

Tamae also founded the marketing company TOPPING Co., Ltd., where she acted as president until 2010. Tamae joined the founding team of Oxfam Japan in 2003, where she served as a board member until 2012. In 2011, Tamae launched the EAST LOOP project, which offers work opportunities to victims of the Tohoku earthquake.