Suaad Allami




Mentored by:

Arije Al-Amad


Founder and Director of Women for Progress Center (NGO)

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Suaad Allami opened and operates the first all female legal clinic in Iraq, supervised five comprehensive women’s centers throughout Baghdad, and executed the first continuing education conference for women lawyers in Baghdad.

She is a former member of the Baghdad Provincial Council and Sadr City District Council (2004-2009) and she authored the by-laws for the District and Sub-District Councils of Baghdad Province. She has earned numerous honors, including the International Women of Courage Award in 2009. 

Despite the malignant forces of corruption and sectarianism, and unlike other activists who fled the country to advocate from safe distances, she has remained in Iraq to improve women's rights for more than a decade after the US invasion of Iraq. Suaad has developed a well deserved reputation as the rare civil society leader unbeholden to religion, politics or gender. An unraveling security situation, brought on by the departure of American troops, has not diminished her resolve to continue to be an inclusive conciliator working with, not against, men. Although Suaad values male participation, she demands a seat at the table for women without whom Iraq will continue to be mired in violence, lawlessness, and lack of basic services. Despite an environment where a trip to the market invites death, Suaad continues to walk tall, negotiating the fragile balance between effective but dignified advocacy and target for assassination, a fate which awaits her every presentation and media appearance. Her future impact, should she sustain life, remains limitless.


2014 Update:

Suaad received the 2014 Fern Holland Award at the 13th Annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards.