Stacey Kelly Egide

United States of America




Brianne West


Founder and CEO, Andalou Naturals

Connect with Stacey Kelly Egide

As Andalou Naturals’ founder and CEO, Stacey brings her expertise and intuitive vision to create authentic beauty products with meaningful cruelty-free, organic, and non-GMO standards for today’s caring consumer. She has been the force of nature behind many of the most successful personal care brands in the natural category including Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica, Alba Hawaiian, Beauty Without Cruelty, and The San Francisco Soap Company.

As an activist for healthy choices, Stacey’s interest in sustainability extends beyond the natural products world; devoting her time, passion and resources to promote sustainable peace through education, equality, and empowerment for women and girls worldwide. One hundred percent of the net profits from Andalou Naturals ‘A Path of Light’ Hand Creams goes to fund socially responsible people and programs.

Stacey is actively involved at the local level and beyond as president and chair of the Egide Family Foundation, charter member of the Bay Area Council of Vital Voices Global Partnership, executive board member for How Women Lead, and as a SHE CAN mentor.