Sohini Chakraborty




Mentored by:

Julie Fasone Holder


Founder and Director, Kolkata Sanved

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Sohini Chakraborty is a Ashoka Fellow, Ph.D scholar, sociologist, dance activist, dance movement therapist, and the founder and director of Kolkata Sanved. Sohini uses dance and movement as an alternative to therapy as a method of recovery, rehabilitation and self expression for mainstreaming survivors of trafficking and violence.  

She received the prestigious Diane Von Furstenberg  Award in 2011, an award recognizing those who transform the lives of other women. For over 15 years Sohini experimented with breaking the barriers of traditional dance and introduced Dance Movement Therapy as a unique and pioneering concept in South Asia.  She also received the Newsmaker 2012 award from 24 Ghanta, the leading news channel of West Bengal, for outstanding achievement and inspiration. In 2012 U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton visited her at her dance center.

The success of Sohini’s work led to the establishment of Kolkata Sanved, a program that pioneered the use of dance movement therapy as a tool for psychosocial rehabilitation. Kolkata Sanved strives to establish itself as a center for excellence in the field of Dance Movement Therapy in South Asia. Under Sohini's leadership, Kolkata Sanved received the 2009 Beyond Sport Award for best health project.


2014 Updates:

During their mentoring sessions, Sohini and Julie identified marketing and financial expertise as two areas of focus for Sohini's strategic plan. Throughout 2013, they continued to work together on these two areas. Julie's daughter, Gina Holder, re-wrote and updated Kolkata Sanved's website and taught its communications manager how to update the site. Sohini has also made strides in the area of financial expertise, and has formed an advisory council to help her meet her financial goals. Julie's Family Foundation donated $5000 USD to Kolkata Sanved. The two maintain frequent communication.