Shani Aloni




Mentored by:

Shelley Brindle


Executive director, Haifa Rape Crisis Center

Shani Aloni is the executive director of Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC), an Israel-based, non-profit organization dedicated to combating sexual violence in northern Israel. The organization's goals are to provide survivors and their families with both emotional and practical support and to fight against all forms of sexual abuse against children, youth, women and men.

After completing her legal and social work education, Shani worked in the Legal Department of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) at the Committee of Law and Constitution. She later became the public policy analyst for the Israeli Medical Association, representing the interests of doctors in Israel to the parliament, government and other relevant authorities. 

Shani is a board member at the Association of Rape Crisis Centers and Civil Leadership — a third sector umbrella organization in Israel. Both organizations are engaged in public policy change and lobbing on the national level.

Shani holds degrees in law (LLB) and social work (BSW) from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA in social leadership from Ben-Gurion University. She is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.