Sandi Kronick

United States of America


Charlotte, North Carolina

Mentored by:

Kathy Parks


CEO, Eastern Carolina Organics

Since founding Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO) in 2004, Sandi Kronick has been one of the leaders working to build a sustainable organic food system in North Carolina and the southeast region of the U.S. 

Eastern Carolina Organics’ mission is to cultivate a sustainable food system by providing a viable production and distribution network to customers and farmers. Owned through a unique partnership between 17 organic farms, Sandi, and a staff ownership pool, ECO now sells over $5M of produce annually, and has paid hundreds of regional organic farmers over $24M in its 13-year history. 

Sandi received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College, was honored in 2010 with a Triangle Business Journal “40 under 40” leadership award and currently serves as the agribusiness representative and chairperson of the Limited Resource and Minority Farmer Committee on the Southern SARE Administrative Council of the USDA. 

She has given hundreds of workshops regarding all aspects of the Eastern Carolina Organics business model, including pre-launch organizing, execution, financing, marketing, grower-ownership, staff-centered management and long-term sustainability.