Rosa María Barreiro





Laura Patiño Mejía


Strategic Management & Human Resources Consultant

Rosa María Barreiro is an innovative leader, business strategist and change agent with an extensive background and success in global operating environments throughout Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French. 

Rosa María has repeatedly been recruited to design and execute change management, employee engagement, leadership development and performance improvement initiatives for a variety of different organizations and companies. Rosa María has held senior positions at Alstom Transport, Dinámica Empresarial Consultores (DECSA), Organization of American States (OAS), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). She is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Rosa María recently finished a Master’s at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She currently offers consulting services for D.C.-based organizations interested in acquiring strengths in strategic business planning, leadership training and entrepreneurship.