Rashmi Tiwari




Mentored by:


Director, Aahan Tribal Development Foundation

Once the associate director of the American Chamber of Commerce in India, Dr. Rashmi Tiwari currently leads a global business network and leadership development organization.

As associate director, Rashmi worked to ensure that the American Chamber of Commerce in India was a strong advocate of policies and procedures supporting the operations and investments of American companies in India. 


2014 Udpate: 

Rashmi has launched the Aahan Tribal Development Foundation, which aims to bring sustainable socio-economic development to tribal communities in India.

Rashmi wrote a piece entitled "Dreaming in India" for the Washington Posts's "On Leadership" segment, published on April 28th. In it, she talks about the status of women and girls in India, particularly in tribal communities. She promotes mentorship as one solution, and discusses Aahan Tribal Development Foundation's Tribal Mentorship Program.