Rana Kotaiche




Mentored by:

Paula Dominick


Chairman, Blessing

Rana co-founded Blessing, an upscale full-service chocolate and souvenir catering business with clients throughout the Middle East.

She manages day-to-day operations, business development and strategy and is exploring expansion opportunities. Prior to opening Blessing, Rana got her start at a graphic design firm and at DHL. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the American University of Beirut.


2014 Update:

Since Rana's participation in the Global Ambassadors Program, Blessing has continued to thrive. They recently catered a high-profile event, provided chocolate wedding favors for the nuptials of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.

2015 Updates:

Blessing has set up franchises in both Bahrain and Oman, and has prospects for expansion into Qatar, India and the United States.