Orit Cohen



Dublin, Ireland

Mentored by:

Susan Ann Davis


Entrepreneur & Owner and CEO, Mootag

Orit Cohen is an entrepreneur as well as owner and CEO of Mootag, a branding, marketing and advertising social business in Haifa, Israel.

After 12 years in operation she shifted the business to engage with the community in a meaningful way – through training in design and technology and employment for teenagers and young adults at risk.

This earned Orit recognition and speaking opportunities in Israel; entrepreneurs and organizations from around the world arrived at 'Mootag' to learn about her approach. Now she is focusing on creating a new concept that will connect corporations to social action, in order to make a significant impact inside and outside Israel. 

Orit is active in local politics and peace initiatives for women. She currently manages the regional headquarters of a female Israeli parliament member who is establishing an independent party. She is also a leader in promoting women in politics and key positions at the local level.

Mentored by:

Susan Ann Davis

United States of America

Trip: Dublin, Ireland