Omnia Eteyari



Northern Ireland

Mentored by:

Sharon K.G. Dunbar


Co-Founder and CEO, Mazadah for Training and Development

Ms. Eteyari is a highly dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneur and Railway Engineer who has gained a wealth of knowledge through five years’ working experience with one of the world's leading companies in Railway Business, “The German Railways.” She spent two of those years as an expat in the Gulf countries and Germany.

She has lately entered the entrepreneurial field by starting her own enterprise, Mazadah, striving to make an impact in capacity-building by providing cutting edge training and consultancy services for the local market and bringing quality and customer service in Libya to a higher level. In its first year of operation, Mazadah managed to gain multiple valuable partnerships with leading companies in their fields, serving as the Exclusive Partner in Libya for two of the internationally recognized companies in IT Security and Virtualization training and the first and only partner in Libya for RedHat (the worldwide leaders in open source solutions).

2014 Updates:

Due to continuing instability in Libya, Omnia has left her native country and set up her business in Jordan. Throughout the process, she has received support from her mentor, Sharon Dunbar. Additionally, Samar Haj Hasan has provided Omnia with valuable connections in Amman; and Tabi Haller-Jorden and Susan Thrasher have provided her with alternative job prospects.