Nisreen S. Musleh



Northern Ireland

Mentored by:

Geraldine McAteer


Managing Director, Ritaj for Managerial Solutions

Founder and Managing Director of Ritaj for Managerial Solutions, Nisreen has over 12 years of experience in organizational capacity building, training and facilitation. Nisreen’s work is dedicated to equipping staff as well as cohorts with the vision, confidence and skills to advance their career paths. 

Under her leadership, Ritaj has been recognized as a world-class enterprise known for finding practical yet innovative solutions, building capacities needed in highly demanding work environments and working closely and respectfully with clients to make sure that set objectives are met. Ritaj has also emerged as a leader in adopting a participatory approach in professional capacity building by working in a collaborative manner with others to create unique opportunities and networks that support professionals.

Nisreen also established and now heads the Translation Division at Ritaj, where she promotes and manages the translation and interpreting services. Her role involves strategic planning, capacity building and driving opportunities for translation services in both local and international markets. In 2011, Nisreen also launched an internship program at her company, building the skills of recent graduates to prepare them for rigorous work environments.

2014 Updates:

During the planning process for 2015, Nisreen and her team at Ritaj organized a think tank event, inviting thought leaders in order to gain their insights on matters  relevant to Ritaj's line of business. As a result of the event, Nisreen rephrased Ritaj’s vision: “Talented Palestinians… improved businesses.” Nisreen has also conducted a Global Ambassadors Program-inspired training, entitled “Pitching Ideas, Addressing Investors.”