Nensy Bandhoe



Los Angeles, California

Mentored by:

Carrie McKellogg


Executive Director of the Lobi Foundation Suriname

Nensy Bandhoe is the executive director of the Lobi Foundation, a private NGO focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights. When she took over in 2013, the organization had steep losses but by 2015, through strict financial management, Lobi reached a positive fund balance. The foundation’s mission is to become the leading organization in the country providing integrated comprehensive reproductive health and rights services for all. 

Nensy was asked to join a technical working group entrusted with developing a national cancer control plan for the ministry of health in 2016. She drafted a model for a national cervical cancer-screening program as well as a pilot project for testing this model. The model integrated the evaluation results of the first national cervical cancer-screening program, a project she worked on in her former position as senior health advisor at the Dutch Embassy. In addition, the model incorporated the experiences of the Lobi Foundation since 2013 with a new community-based approach aimed at bringing the preventive services closer to the clients. 

Nensy often represents the Suriname Ministry of Health in regional fora like the RINC/UNASUR Network and the Caribbean Cancer Control Leadership Forum.



Mentored by:

Carrie McKellogg

United States of America

Trip: Los Angeles, California