Natalia Skobnikova




Mentored by:

Eileen O’Connor


CEO, DSF Logistic

Natalia has served as the CEO of DSF Logistic GmbH since 2011. She holds a trade license for the international transportation of goods.

Natalia has been active in business in central and eastern Europe for the past 14 years. She served as Project Manager of Habau Hoch-und Tiefbauges m.b.H. in Austria, where she oversaw international business in eastern Europe through two offices in Minsk and Moscow.

She founded and supervised the Russian Habau subsidiaries Hastroy, in Moscow, and Austrotech GmbH, in Smolensk. At Hastroy and Austrotech, she was responsible for the preparation of documents for the foundation, registration, licensing and negotiations with public authorities of the Russian Federation.

During her time at Habau, she also founded the joint venture Belstrojtransgas-Habau in Minsk, Belarus. Her other joint venture work includes Kenkijak-Atyrau in Kazakhstan, the Druzhba pipeline in Belarus, the Jamal-Europa compressor stations in Belarus, and the Ostsibierien-Pazifik, in the Irkutsk region of Russia.