Najah Jaroush Abdouni



Northern Ireland

Mentored by:

Eleanor ‘Tabi’ Haller-Jorden


Owner and Director, Tassamim

Najah Abdouni is the Owner and Director of Tassamim. Najah graduated as an Agricultural Engineer from the American University of Beirut (AUB). Najah established Tassamim in 1992. Tassamim is an enterprise for landscaping and irrigation, which is currently completing more than 200 residential garden projects.

Najah started diversifying in 1998 by joining projects with a friend to establish a sod farm for ready carpet lawns, which ended due to financial and mismanagement reasons. C-Green, another joint venture with another friend in the same business, has grown 25% annually since its establishment in 2003.

By joining The Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB) in 2007 and attending intensive trainings and workshops with MEET & MEPI, Najah was inspired to expand more. In 2009, motivated by a new joint venture called the Women's Campaign for Empowerment, she and a close friend opened a gift shop. Najah tries her best to pass along all that she has learned to the people around her: tolerance, good communication, transparency, planning, decisiveness and problem solving.


2015 Updates:

Najah recently participated in a women in politics workshop, which exposed her to a field of leading women who interact boldly and proactively to change traditional norms in society. She also has reactivated the Lebanese League of Women in Business and has been encouraging key women to join.