Maria Ronna Luna Pastorizo-Sekiguchi




Mentored by:

Janet Lamkin


Managing and Creative Director, The Greenhouse Studio

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Ronna founded The Greenhouse Studio, a boutique multidisciplinary creative design and communications studio based in Fiji, in 2014. The studio was established with the philosophy that nurturing meaningful relationships with clients is key to running a sustainable business, and that finding creative solutions can inspire real change in the world.

Ronna was formerly the Creative General Manager at Oceanic Communications, and has attended a number of conferences including the East West Center’s Changing Faces Leadership Seminar: Women as Innovators and Entrepreneurs in 2014. She was a speaker at the Pacific Women in Business conference and attended the Pacific Cooperation Foundation’s Pacific Wave conference. She is also the Vice-President of Graduate Women Fiji, which focuses on empowering women and girls through education.

Ronna was presented with the A.Y. Foundation award in 1997 and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines with honors in 2000.