Linda Mafu



South Africa 2015


Feven Haddis


Head of Civil Society and Political Advocacy, The Global Fund

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Linda Mafu is the head of Civil Society and Political Advocacy at the Global Fund, and she has dedicated her career to fighting discrimination and stigma associated with AIDS. As a prominent AIDS activist, she spearheaded efforts to secure a plan of action in South Africa at a time when many leaders were still denying the existence of the pandemic. Before joining the Global Fund, she served as executive director of World AIDS Campaign. Prior to that, she worked with Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa.

Linda studied community development at the University of Cape Town, learning about the complex and inter-connected nature of social change in any community. She later moved from the Treatment Action Campaign to the World AIDS Campaign, where she worked on advocacy throughout sub-Saharan Africa.



Feven Haddis


Trip: South Africa 2015