Khin Chaw Su Win




Mentored by:

Kitty Yung


Managing Director, Max Square Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Khin Chaw Su Win has had eight years of experience in seafarer recruitment and placement services as the managing director of Max Square Enterprises Co., Ltd. She is responsible for developing, designing and implementing strategic plans to promote the long-term growth of companies.

Chaw is a member of the Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs’ Association and the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association. She is also treasurer of the IATSS Forum, which is an international training institute for future leaders in the ASEAN regionChaw participates in many community development activities, such as conducting leadership training sessions for students from villages and orphanages and financially supporting impoverished girls living in rural Myanmar. She participates in the Project for Empowering Women at Yangon’s Women Entrepreneurs Development Center. 

Chaw was a mentee in the 2016 Fortune/U.S. State Department’s Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Program and is a U.S. State Department International Exchange alumna.