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Northern Ireland


Gaella Alexandra Gottwald


Founding Partner, KMH Associates

Kathleen Holland, founding partner at KMH Associates, is a global strategic planning consultant providing both North American and emerging country SME’s with the guidance and training to sustainably build their organization based on a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) platform. Kathleen’s career has spanned executive roles with major Canadian corporations to consulting roles with small craft companies.

She was the lead consultant on a multi country African initiative; Design Africa which garnered worldwide recognition as an innovative global brand showcasing Africa’s best talent in the craft, textile & furniture sectors. www.designafrica.ca Kathleen is currently working on a number of innovative global training initiatives in Afghanistan, Swaziland and a Pan African program. In addition, Kathleen is currently engaged in the Vital Voices Lead Fellowship program providing training and support specifically related to goal setting and strategic planning. 

Kathleen has received the Johanna Townsend Export Champion Award from OWIT (Organization for Women in International Trade) and the CME (Canadian and Manufacturers and Exporters) Award for Excellence in Promoting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Developing Countries (with CARE Enterprise Partners).


Gaella Alexandra Gottwald


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