Katerina Cronstedt




Mentored by:

Beata Pawlowska


CEO & Founder, Katerina.ru

Katerina is the founder and CEO of a dinner kit company in Moscow, following the Swedish model that has gained popularity around the world as fresh solution for busy professionals and families interested in cooking at home. She has amassed over 1,000 customers in six months and delivered over 3,000 kits.

For 15 years prior to this venture, Katerina built a career in fashion and hotel management. She founded A Mass Uniform Design, selling products in more than 10 countries, supervising production in Estonia and managing the company’s expansion. She also worked as a designer and print developer at H&M and the Melon Fashion Group. She was brand manager for the “Zarina” brand and created an imports department.

Katerina served as the managing director at UMACO Management 2008-2014, opening the Katerina Park Hotel in 2010 and overseeing staff, operations and renovations. After two years, Katerina Park Hotel grossed $10 million USD, and is currently rated #10 of all hotels in Moscow on TripAdvisor — the highest rated 4 star hotel in the city.